Sharone Lifschitz


Sharone Lifschitz’s German Projects

Perhaps more than any other contemporary artist, Sharone Lifschitz has engaged the city of Munich as both a subject and a platform for her work. In the four projects presented on this floor—Sleeping Germany, Speaking Germany, Memorial as Parasite, and If I Were to Forget You—one charts a journey that has occupied Lifschitz for long periods over the past fourteen years.

Each of the projects is an exploration of the relationship between the intertwined themes of memory and identity. Lifschitz is interested in the complex interchange between individual experience and political engagement—in the ways in which personal and public concerns find expression within the urban fabric. The temporary interventions within Munich’s public spaces that she has designed raise questions about the role of monuments, the connection between what is present and what is absent within the contemporary urban reality, and the relationship between people and memorials. Together, these works suggest an alternative way of engaging memory within the public spaces of German cities.

Text: Emily D. Bilski